About this site

About this site
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Too often do we live in a world without connection. Yet there is an abundance of content for us to consume, especially through digital channels. From new movies to classic books, and albums across decades and genres, there is so much stuff out there for individuals to enjoy.

My name is Kireth, and I'm a full-time student at the University of Sydney studying Information Systems and Marketing. Outside of uni, you can find me watching movies with my partner, training on a hockey field, rocking the drum kit or exploring food places with friends.

The purpose of this website is to share my experiences as I explore areas of interest, and make links between different mediums and information. Hopefully you are able to find something of interest to you, and then either make a decision with the writing provided here or know where to go next to find out more. This is not just restricted to fictional media, but my own professional learnings. However, the goal is to improve the journey through this overload of content and foster conversations around interesting niches - so feel free to comment or reach out and discuss anything you read about here.

Stay tuned to the website as well! I'll be posting my activities every month, including what I'm doing professionally as well as the articles books, movies, music and TV shows I've enjoyed in the period. This is also sent in an email to members (only 1 email every month, no spam here), so don't hesitate to hit the blue "Subscribe" button in the bottom-right to sign-up as a member today!

And if you're wondering about the name - Karrot was my online tag growing up, and I started using it when sharing all my thoughts from all the content I was consuming during lockdowns. I guess it stuck :-)