Ratings System

Ratings System
Photo by Jordan Crawford / Unsplash

Books, Films and TV

Rated on a scale of 0-5 stars, with half-star increments.

5/5: Absolutely amazing and the peak of the medium . Not just excellent writing/ plotting, imagery/ camerawork and voice/ character arcs/ acting...

But also including a strong emotional aspect, fantastic  message about our world and/ or exploring, examining and bringing to light a meaningful topic.

2.5/5: Average. By no means a bad effort, but either some really great stuff with some pretty "meh" content, or an entertaining but otherwise impact-less experience.


Much more difficult to rate due to subjectivity. But I do enjoy creating personal rankings of music within an album or artists' discography.


Importantly! Whilst my ratings attempt to be unbiased, they are undoubtedly influenced by my own subjective and personal experience/s.

Therefore, the most important thing is to read the articles for yourself and note where and when I recommend a book/ film/ TV show/ album - as it will be dependent on your personal tastes! Each and every reader will be different.