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What is "Kireth Writes About..." about?

This is basically a personal blog where I write about the things that interest me! There are four main topics covered - books, on-screen media (films and TV), music and thought pieces.

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Feel free to navigate to the content that interests you 😊 Brandon Sanderson πŸ‘‘ - Kireth Writes About...A beast of an author who has written so many modern fantasy/ sci-fi books it’s hard to keep up as a reader!Kireth Writes About...Books πŸ“š - Kireth Writes About...Reviews and thoughts

Why write?

Three reasons I have started this blog:

  1. To go beyond keeping track of the content I consume and instead have a platform where I can articulate my thoughts on them! Ranges from completing lists to creating interesting connections or just using the space to explore ideas.
  2. To inform others and create interesting conversations! If you see something that resonates with you, or alternatively that you vehemently disagree with, let me know. I'd love to have those discussions 😊
  3. To build my skill as a writer and in website hosting, two different but increasingly important skills in this technological era.

Features to add

  • Working sign-up form so that members can comment!
  • Dark mode...

Lots of love and looking forward to your return in the coming weeks 😊