Little Things: Love in Cohabitation Mundanity

Reviews for this wholesome show featuring modern relationship conversations.

Little Things: Love in Cohabitation Mundanity

A small show that started on Youtube under Dice Media, before being snapped up by and expanding under Netflix. Dhruv and Kavya are an unmarried couple living together in Mumbai, and the show basically follows their relationship with an exclusive focus on the normal parts.

Little Things isn't long, but viewers do experience the growth of more than just the characters. The acting, production, cinematography and story scale improve dramatically from the self-effacing Season 1. There are some truly fantastic conversations in here that every modern couple should or will experience.

Each episode review may contain spoilers for the preceding episodes.

Season 1

S01 E01 · FOMO

Watched on December 13th, 2022

Fun little episode. Sweet couple antics.

S01 E02 · Have a Nice Day

Watched on December 13th, 2022

Cute. Caring for each other when work/ studies go down the drain.

S01 E03 · Good Night

Watched on December 14th, 2022

Sweet episode on mosquitos, late night adventures and exes.

S01 E04 · Thank You!

Watched on December 16th, 2022

Sweet couple problems with workplace feasts vs long-awaited cafe dates, dealing with parties and your partner's friend group and then late night hangouts. How many hours in a day though?

S01 E05 · Here We Go!

Watched on December 18th, 2022

"It's just that I really liked the way she expressed herself. I wonder if I have ever expressed myself so well."
"You must have."
"I don't know. Maybe I did when I was a kid. It all reduced when I grew up."

The conversation that Kavya and Dhruv have after their immature fun is one that every couple should have and should be able to have. Really sweet flashback ending too.

Season 2

S02 E01 · Milk Cake

Watched on December 23rd, 2022

After a slow start, this was a beautiful episode on what happens when you reconnect with old friends. The discussion between Kavya and Dhruv was powerful, and there were moments here that brought me to tears. The ending was the right one.

S02 E02 · Back Seat

Watched on December 28th, 2022

A rougher watch than previous episodes as it doesn't shy away from the ugly issues of adult life and relationships. Interested to see how the events here propel our characters through the rest of this season. Also the camerawork is much higher quality than Season 1, which isn't a negative comment on the first season but rather acknowledgement of a higher budget and lengthier episode lengths. I have to acknowledge the one take conversation at the end. The actors did an excellent job tackling that back and forth.

S02 E03 · Cheeti Aur Haathi

Watched on January 12th, 2023

Felt like an episode was missed due to a massive time jump with new jobs, live-in maid and dynamics. Glad for Dhruv's morality inspired by Kavya despite them being distant from each other due to life's stresses.

S02 E04 · Mumbai Darshan

Watched on January 30th, 2023

"If I had recorded it, I wouldn't have remembered it."

Heartwarming, Kavya's mum visits and spends a lot of time with Dhruv. The ending in particular had me touched, not just talking about motherhood and the messages portrayed down each generation, but the way the camera captures Kavya's mother on the beach. She is a child, just as Kavya is her child.

S02 E05 · Leicester City F.C.

Watched on February 3rd, 2023

"The uncomfortable talks make us more comfortable."

Again, a conversation every couple should have. I was so upset at Kavya for her thoughts after the travelled man, but I know they are normal and this topic is necessary for every successful couple. This very conversation and way of thinking can lead to a break-up. Perhaps if partners were able to communicate the way Dhruv did here and their other half would be more receptive, relationships may be strengthened by such a discussion. But for anyone who has gone through an imperfect version of this, don't waste time wondering. It's not for you to know and definitely not for you to dwell upon. We move forward in this vast universe with our tiny lives.

S02 E06 · Bed & Breakfast

Watched on April 5th, 2023

Fun little interlude... caring for your partner when ill. All set in the bedroom but sweet and innocent.

S02 E07 · Baalti Aur Magga

Watched on April 5th, 2023

Such a tough watch. Explosive. Yet shines a necessary light on the ugly parts of this TV relationship.

S02 E08 · Where Are We?

Watched on April 12th, 2023

Tough to watch. Ending was sweet though. God, it basically shows how all couples seek comfort in their partner. Watching this show is great for relationship knowledge building but also a forced reminder of what's possibly missing for those who are single. 😛

Season 3

S03 E01 · Migration

Watched on April 17th, 2023

The way Kavya looks at Dhruv... the way Dhruv struggles with his words. This is slow but gripping, happy and sad at the same time. The long distance relationship will be an interesting direction for this season to take.

S03 E02 · Today of all Days

Watched on April 25th, 2023

Long distance relationship struggles. Loneliness without your partner. One breezing through the day and the other having bad event after bad event pile up. Kavya's acting at the end was one of the best from the entire show so far.

S03 E03 · Rectangles

Watched on May 4th, 2023

One of the best episodes of this entire series, if not the best. Literally one sequence near the end made me lower this from a 5-star rating. It just felt so out of place and too fantastical for the grounded, beautiful work this episode did in capturing a long-distance relationship over a fixed period of time (180 days). I loved the visual markers of time passing, and how Dhruv and Kavya went through waves of struggles and building their own individual lives out of these shells. They're such richly written and refreshingly real people that it feels odd to call them characters. We see friends, family, workplace and relationship struggles all wrapped up in a montage-like episode with graceful editing and lovely music. Where they go from here is going to be such a captivating watch.

S03 E04 · Senior Citizens

Watched on May 17th, 2023

Sweet Kavya-centric episode about visiting your childhood home, watching your parents age and catching up with old friends who are like family.

S03 E05 · Vertical Housing

Watched on May 29th, 2023

"Time moves so slowly here, doesn't it?"

I always thought Dhruv was a bit more boring than Kavya, only because of his stoic expressions. But clearly the inner turmoil relating to his life path and, more recently, relationship with Kavya are the result of a complex upbringing and family life. This episode shows us the interesting world around Dhruv, and made me teary-eyed on a few occasions just because of how the camera captures, well, the little things. A really tender episode, slow for its majority, but properly showing us Dhruv's home and familial relationships which have caused him so much strife.

S03 E06 · Jet Lag

Watched on June 7th, 2023

This episode felt like the show at it's full potential. Kavya and Dhruv are reunited, but after their long distance and time apart they have changed as individuals. There are new, unfamiliar and unknown sources of happiness in each of their lives. And these tough conversations have to be navigated. It always ends up coming down to physical contact, the time, patience and attention you give your partner, and most importantly the silences in between. The Little Things. Even though I didn't get emotional, it was an important and impactful episode.

S03 E07 · The Sum of our Past

Watched on July 7th, 2023

WHY IS THIS SHOW SO GOOD 😭 Near perfection until the final few minutes. The opening half was just... oh my God, I have had these thoughts for ages in how you explore a relationship through the separate pasts of each individual. Just amazing, impactful, cohesive stuff. Really interested to see the final episode of the season and season 4, but as always this show makes for uncomfortably real viewing.

S03 E08 · Migration II

Watched on July 15th, 2023

This show has my freaking heart. Beautiful TV. Dhruv experiences ego-driven frustration, and Kavya faces a dark reality for the dog she loves in Nagpur. Both characters go through their issues, work together and have some amazing heart to hearts along the streets of Delhi. Glad things feel more settled here than they have previously, and I am doubly glad of the direction the show is headed in. Refreshingly real.

Season 4

S04 E01 · Circles

Watched on September 10th, 2023

"How do you move forward?"
"I guess it depends on who you're going around in circles with."

Nice to reconnect with Kavya and Dhruv. There was a slightly more adult flavour in this reunion. Hopefully the 14-month distance is further unpacked in the next few episodes, as it feels like we're only scratching the surface with some flashbacks and dialogue. The camerawork remains excellent, and I almost yearn for the slower pace of earlier seasons. There's some beautiful locations and interesting visual design choices, such as filming through a window. The conclusion finally bridges our leads proxemics (physical distance), but throughout watching I felt as if their acting (and maturity) has grown massively since Season 1.

S04 E02 · Family Holiday

Watched on September 14th, 2023

"Then maybe we can change ourselves, right? Obviously, it'll take a little effort, but we can't keep blaming our past."
"Yeah... Yeah, we might fail, but we should try."

Kerala was a beautiful and fun background setting for the episode. It was nice to see the comfort and growth of this couple on a bus trip. Funny, and just generally provides a feeling of safety in this relationship.

S04 E03 · Fort Kavya

Watched on September 18th, 2023

"Sometimes, I feel like his so-called mediocrity, that's what gave the rest of his life that wholesomeness."

Brilliant episode, brought me to tears. Dhruv and his friend/ former boss Sanket discuss leadership approaches and get caught in corporate meetings. Kavya spends her 30th birthday exploring the area and herself, reflected in others through a touching Human Library. The ending shows how mature both characters have become in their relationship.

S04 E04 · Air Quality Index

Watched on September 20th, 2023

"The air's clean, but... you need something that warms your heart."

A shorter one compared to previous episodes. Dhruv goes back to his arguing ways but the couple somehow work in a double date dinner and when packing for the move to Bombay.

S04 E05 · Business Class

Watched on September 23rd, 2023

"Marriage is like a free upgrade. Boyfriend-girlfriend is economy class. Marriage is business class. Husband, wife. Nice. Full freedom."

First half felt excellent, with Kavya and Dhruv moving in to their Bombay apartment together. It felt very much like a spiritual throwback to the show's first season, when it was just the two of them enjoying domesticity together. Then Dhruv goes and does something stupid with his anger, and the episode's second half is spent in a much more sombre atmosphere. Although I appreciated the reflection in the ending, I did not necessarily enjoy the journey to get there.

S04 E06 · Got Your Back

Watched on October 12th, 2023

"Man, work is so hectic right now. I'm pretty screwed."
"Happens, Dhruv. Hang in there."

Starting with a beautifully framed and simple line of dialogue from a rooftop, then dissecting the path towards that line over 3 weeks. Dhruv bringing Finland work-life balance energy into a traditional Indian office setting, and Kavya living the homebody lifestyle but alone and affected by the medical condition. Some nice callbacks to Season 1 of the show in particular, and it's amazing to witness the organic growth this couple has gone through. I was so prepared to be put-off by the ending, but instead we were shown another path.

S04 E07 · What's This Party For?

Watched on November 2nd, 2023

The wholesomeness in this episode was overbearing, overloading - I'm not sure of the exact term and I don't think these are correct descriptions because they have negative connotations or implications behind them - but there was a warmth and familial human connection behind almost every frame. I was touched by the simple realities being depicted here, the calling back to little things around a household similar to the first season and the title sequence (a grocery list), and both sets of parents interacting. When I realised where the story was going, I found myself just trying to stick to the moments being shown and appreciate everything that has led to the ending of this show.

S04 E08 · Full Circle

Watched on November 2nd, 2023

Dhruv and Kavya show just how much they and their relationship has grown over the course of the show. It is a special bond built upon trust, empathy, humour and friendship. And now there's a ring on it! I did scratch my head slightly at some of the conversations being had in the late night/ early morning, but was hit by a wave of emotions during the final moments at what this show and relationship has shown me these past few months. A fantastic show.

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